The Luxury of Personalization - Maison Septem
The Luxury of Personalization

A Bespoke Experience & Time-honored Craftsmanship

Embark on your own design journey and master your own craft with Maison Septem. We help you turn your vision into a reality, so you come out with a luxurious, authentic accessory that really speaks to you.
Anything is Possible - Maison Septem
Anything is Possible
Your Signature, Our Savoir-faire
The journey of life is unique to each person. At Maison Septem, we strive to provide you with the most personal experience so you can continue on your way. Your wish is our guiding principle and remains at the heart of everything we do.
How It Works
  • — 01
    We hear from you
    You reach out and share your personal interests with us.
  • — 02
    We get to know you
    Our service team will invite you for a personal consultation so we can get to know you and understand what you're looking to achieve with what device.
  • — 03
    We define and create
    Once your needs are assessed, the creative process begins. Our team of designers begin drawing mock-ups to customize your device.
  • — 04
    We collaborate together
    Our intimate process means that we will be in continious contact with you. We will be sharing design mock-ups to which you can request up to three complimentary changes.
  • — 05
    We finalize
    Once the design is approved, we send you a final quotation for advanced payment.
  • — 06
    We craft
    Our manufacturing process begins and we keep you updated throughout the different stages of production with pictures included.
  • — 07
    We deliver
    Your finished work of art will be shipped according to your preference. Courier service or hand delivery are subject to additional costs or customs duties.
  • — 08
    We stay in touch
    We follow up with you to verify your satisfaction with your personal item. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your accessory.