Aura Rose Max S - Maison Septem
Aura Rose Max S - Maison Septem
Aura Rose Max S
Refined and ultimate sophistication for Samsung Note20 Ultra
Rose gold lends an ethereal finish for a customized Samsung Note20 Ultra.

Our signature Max edition features the Maison Septem logo engraved on the back plate for a refined finish. The warmer tones of pure gold also work well with any stone. Embellish your Samsung-certified device with exquisite Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, or our ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds of exceptional clarity.

All our custom smartphones are manufactured and tested to achieve Septem’s level of excellence and guaranteed durability and safety.

Celebrate your individuality, reflect your identity.
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Sustainable Packaging
Aura Rose Max S - Maison Septem

Every element of your packaging has been designed with minimizing and reusability in mind. We use rock paper labels and compostable solutions where possible.

Returns & Refunds
Aura Rose Max S - Maison Septem

New and unused non-customized products can be returned and refunded within 15 days from the date of purchase. Refunds for products will be made once the returned products have been received from you. Refunds will be made by the method you used for payment. 

Personalized products and any earbuds (for hygiene purposes) cannot be exchanged or refunded. 

For further information on our returns, refunds and exchange policy, please refer to our Terms & Conditions. 

Shipping & Delivery
Aura Rose Max S - Maison Septem

We offer free delivery for any orders with Maison Septem.

Our estimated delivery time for non-customized products is approximately 3-5 business days*, depending on where we are sending to. This does not include customs clearance if applicable. Contact us for more details. 

*Due to the current COVID-19 situation, shipping may experience some delays.

Product Care
Aura Rose Max S - Maison Septem

Just like any valuable item, your bespoke Septem piece needs to be taken care of.

For any precious metal products, including those made out of gold, platinum, rose gold, rhodium, and those that also include gem settings, your Septem piece will be received with a protective, transparent film to cover the customized surface. We recommend you keep this film intact and for it not to be removed. 

How to clean precious metals:

To remove any fingerprints or smudges (expected from daily use), use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down your product's surfaces gently

Strictly do not use any alcohol for cleaning your Septem pieces

You can request a special cleaning kit when placing your order that will be shipped in your product delivery

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